Join us this Sunday at 11 a.m.
2331 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95816
(972) 997-5540

About Us

What kind of church are we?

Here is a brief, incomplete glimpse:

To start, we are a Vineyard Church. We pursue God’s Kingdom breaking into our present reality, here and now, while recognizing its fullness – all things new – is yet to come. We are both playful and passionate, we strive in our songs to enter the Presence of God, and we believe our neighborhood matters in relation to God’s dream for our church in this particular city (good news in our everyday lives). We strive to be a church where vulnerability is honored, where the point is not perfection but being and becoming the beloved sons and daughters in whom our Poppa-God delights. We celebrate humility that allows us to surrender, receive, and join God’s Kingdom Life – modeled by our Savior and Friend, Jesus.

A Brief History of the church

After planting the Vineyard Church Sacramento in 1995, Johnny and Jeannie Zapara passed the pastoral baton in 2014. Eric Nicolaysen moved down to Sacramento from Seattle in June, 2013, with his wife, Tabitha, and their son, Bjorn. On January 5th, 2014, Eric stepped in as Lead Pastor. After almost 3 years in that role, Eric and Tabitha discerned God’s movement in their lives in a tug towards Des Moines, Iowa, Tabitha’s home state.  Johnny Zapara is leading again as pastor.


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